Our Instructors
Pam Lewis

I’m from...Denver, Colorado.

My yoga experience.....12 years of practice with 3 years of intensive teacher training through Rusty Wells (Urban Flow, SF). Have also gained valuable knowledge and skills from Bryan Kest (Power Yoga, Santa Monica) and Anne Marie Kramer (Zuda Yoga, Sacramento). I will always view myself as a "beginner" and continue to expand my teaching skills by attending a variety instructor workshops, no matter what style of yoga is being offered. Yoga is an ever-evolving discipline of practice and the willingness to open your eyes and heart to what the world can offer!

Three words that best describe me...challenging, creative, fun!

What yoga has taught me...patience, gratefulness for my family and life, kindness, to believe in my inner wisdom and trust my intuition and that there is absolutely no end to our potentials!

My inspirations for wanting to share my yoga...it is my joy and honor to bring this practice to those that haven’t yet experienced a place of unconditional love and respect within themselves. To see improvement and hear my students express their newfound awareness in themselves, is an inspiration for me to only share this practice with many more.

I am thankful for...my life, my children and family plus all of my friends I have made throughout my journey.

What 3 words describe my teaching style...energetic, powerful, diverse.

My other interests are...cycling, skiing, being in nature, traveling all over the world.

I like to indulge in...expensive Chardonnay, tropical vacations, shopping!

My favorite places to vacation....so far, Costa Rica, Italy and Switzerland. Of course, Colorado is continually #1 in my heart. I’m always open to visiting new places!

Teri LaRue

I’m from...Portland, Oregon.

My yoga experience.....200 hour certification through YogaSource, Los Gatos; with over 300 hours of teacher training, and over 5 years of consistent practice in Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga.

Three words that best describe me...breath focused, fluid and dynamic.

What yoga has taught me...humility, patience, gentleness.

My inspirations for wanting to share my yoga...include watching our students grow and find their own accomplishments, successes and rewards from their practices.

I am thankful for...Pam having the vision to build our studio and for having faith in me.

What 3 words describe my teaching style...athletic, fast-paced and gentle.

My other interests are...music, business and spending time with my friends and family.

I like to indulge in...laughing with my friends and retail therapy.

My favorite places to vacation....Portland, Spain and New York City.

Michele Stone

I’m from...born in Chicago and I grew up in Brentwood, California.

Three words that best describe me...considerate, inquisitive, scientific.

What yoga has taught me...to enjoy quiet, to be patient and to slow down.

My inspirations for wanting to share my yoga...Yoga has made a tremendous difference in my life in so many ways. I’m thankful to Jackie Macres, who originally encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. I’m thankful to get to share something I believe in so deeply. I am also so thankful to all the students who have practiced with me throughout the years.

I am thankful for...everything that I have.

What 3 words describe my teaching style...grounded, balanced, rejuvenating.

My other interests are...traveling around the world, books, photography, working out, history and archeology, the ocean, and pug-walks with my #1 buddy, Fred.

My yoga experience includes...I’ve been to trainings and studios all across the U.S. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a number of wonderful instructors. Teaching yoga is the greatest job I’ve every had and this year marks my ninth year!

I like to indulge in...luxurious bath products.

My favorite places to vacation...anyplace you need a passport to get to! I also love to travel to Arizona to visit my parents and Chicago (possibly my favorite place in the world) to visit the rest of my family and friends.

Mallory Monachino

I was first introduced to yoga as a synchronized swimmer.  My coach would use it for warm-up and cool down after every practice.  I became very interested in the philosophy of yoga and enrolled in Eastern spirituality classes and workshops.  I fell in love with the not only the practice of yoga but the sense of calm and centeredness the moving meditation brought to me.  The next step was enrolling in a 200 hour teacher training at One Flow Yoga Studio in Sacramento.  Within the first few hours of the program, I knew this was where I belonged as yogic philosophy and the art of healing movement were brought together into one loving and meaningful practice.  My teaching forte is vinyasa flow with an Iyengar influence, culminating in a practice that is both fluid and strong with a focus on allowing the postures time to work on you as well as allowing you to work on the postures.  

When I'm not teaching or practicing, I like to play with metal, stones, and clay as a jewelry artist.  I am an actress as well taking the stage in some of Sacramento's local theater and also work at UC Davis Medical School as a patient simulator helping students learn how to navigate difficult situations and proper situational manner.


Create Mindfulness, Focus and Power

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