Class Info

Basics/Level 1

Perfect if you are new to yoga or looking for a bit of a slower paced class. There is more repetition from class to class, allowing you to build a solid foundation as well as cultivate strength, flexibility and balance.  Correct alignment and body positioning will always be provided from the teacher throughout the class.  More advanced poses may be offered for advanced students who are attending this Level 1 class!

All Levels

This is an all-encompassing vinyasa class.  It is a faster paced, energetic, dynamic, flow based practice where each class is filled with creativity and diversity.  The class will vary from instructor to instructor in format and style.  We guaranteed you will sweat, be challenged and have fun all at the same time!  You should possess basic yoga knowledge and suggest you have a familiarity with Sun Salutations A & B before joining an all levels class.

Gentle Flow

Gentle flow is a slower and more relaxing yoga practice than our All-levels vinyasa class.  Poses are held for a longer time, allowing for the opportunity to explore each asana.  The longer and slower flows make this class more contemplative and meditative. Gentle Flow is for anyone who wants to move, breathe and overall just feel better!  This class is taught in a non-heated environment.  No previous yoga experience is necessary.


First time visitor 
(for 10 consecutive days)
Single class drop in  $15
5 class pass  $70
10 class pass  $130
20 class pass  $230
Student single w/ID $12
Student 5 class pass $55
Student 10 class pass $100
Students 1 month unlimited  $70
1 month unlimited/auto pay  $120
1 month unlimited  $150
1 month unlimited/auto pay
(2 family members)

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